Jube Review April 14th 2023

On a wet Friday evening we were treated to an absolutely delightful evening in the company of Jube. I had been warned in advance that this Sheffield based duo were not strictly a blues combo but it is very hard to define what actually ‘blues’ is and I am really keen to ensure that at Leeds Blues Club we represent the full spectrum of blues music and music ‘touched by the blues’ – credit to my good friend Beastie for that one!

After a few sound problems, thought to have been created by some electrical circuit issues, they got comfortably into their set. In pre-gig publicity I reported that Julie’s vocals reminded me of a combination of Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell and I definitely heard these qualities there. I also detected a touch of Kate Bush in some of the songs so you get an idea of the quality there. Bennett’s keys playing is skilled and creative. Six years spent as the keyboard player in Laurence Jones’ band as well as sessions with bands such as King King certainly gave him the blues credentials if any were needed, as well as the musician’s performance skills.

Jube’s style is smooth and sophisticated with a definite jazz lounge feel. Within that are some fine songs alongside the fine musicality.

The second half opened with 2 solo tracks from Bennett where he took on some guitar playing to show off his versatility and Julie also showed some rhythm skills picking up some African drumming on some moody numbers.

Throughout the show the audience were attentive and respectful of the performing musicians and feedback after the show was extremely positive – even amongst those slightly sceptical die hard blues enthusiasts! A delightful evening all round and many thanks to Julie and Bennett.