Looking Forward

With the general election now behind us I certainly feel that it is now a time to look forward to better times as well as looking back at our achievements. We started Leeds Blues Club in February 2023 and since then we have put on 19 gigs, 15 at the Cross Keys, 1 at the Irish Centre, 1 at Boom and 2 at The Podger. We have also scheduled gigs for the rest of this year and next year right up to October 2025 which we will start to announce soon. Considering my last experience of putting on live music had been in 1982, please forgive me for feeling quite proud of that record!

Our next gig at the Cross Keys is on the 26th July with one of our favourite bands DC Blues. Paul Winn and Ben Darwin are fantastic supporters of blues music. As well as fronting the band they host a weekly radio show ‘Blues on the Ouse’ on Jorvik Radio which I heartily recommend to you as it’s 2 hours of great music and a lot of fun. It’s fair to say that Paul and Ben don’t take themselves too seriously and their enjoyment and enthusiasm for what they do just jumps out at you. They also put on the annual York Blues Festival in April which is always a great event and run Ryedale Blues Club. Whenever I think that I spend too much time organising Leeds Blues Club I just remember what those guys get up to! Joining them in the band are Lloyd Massingham who is a great guitarist as well as Steve Brandon on keys and ‘Tommo’ Paul Thompson on drums. They play a great set of classic and original blues rock which is just tremendous entertainment.

After that we are taking a month off in August – not that I am doing anything daft like going on holiday but many people are, so it’s a bad time to try and persuade people to come out to gigs so our next gig after DC Blues will be on September 13th. At the time of writing it looks unlikely that Catfish will be able to appear. As most of you will know Matt Long is undergoing cancer treatment currently and although he doesn’t want to give up performing totally it is improbable that he will venture up to Leeds in September. Fortunately when we originally made the booking with Catfish we were asked if we would be willing to also host Geminii Dragon who is an incredible artist from the states. Because of that magic combination we decided to book Boom to host the gig as we felt the Cross Keys wouldn’t be big enough, however because of the situation with Matt we have decided to carry on with Geminii and go back to the Cross Keys. There is still a chance that Matt will be fit in which case it will be a real bonus to see Catfish at the Cross Keys but for now we intend to promote the gig as Geminii Dragon. If you are not familiar with Geminii please check her out on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ4TKJUrJUo

As usual full members will be able to reserve tickets and seats as well as get your £2 ticket discount, zero booking fee and bar discount. If you want to reserve tickets then drop me an email.

Our next gig at The Podger will be on Saturday 7th September with our good friends Bloomin Hummerz who were one of he great bands that we had at Beastie Fest so if you live in south Leeds or Garforth area then please come along. It’s free entry. We are hopeful that the first Saturday blues nights at this venue will continue to grown in popularity as it becomes better established.

Hope to see you soon